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Lori Bush

Cary Town Council Member

“If you look up the definition of public servant, there has to be a picture of Gale Adcock there.  She's been a Cary champion since before her time on our Council, continued to support our citizens while in the NC House, and will be our advocate in the N.C. senate. There is no one better to serve our Cary community than Gale.”

Wake County Commissioner

“When we chose Wake County, we made sure that we moved into a community that had representatives who shared our values. Gale Adcock is one of the reasons why we live in Cary. From the Cary Town Council to the NC House, she has been an exceptional leader making Cary, Wake County and North Carolina a wonderful place to live, work and grow. I wholeheartedly support Gale Adcock's campaign, and am excited about her representing us in the NC Senate.”

Maria Cervania

Apex Citizen & Business 


Tony Cope

“Gale is an exceptional representative for the people. She is always curious and open to a conversation. We get together over coffee & she truly listens to my perspectives & concerns. I learn something new every time we talk. She has set the bar for everyone who runs for office. This is how representation was meant to be.”

Cary Town Council Member

Don Frantz

“There are really only two reasons people run for public office - they either want to be important or they want to do important things. Gale is the latter. She doesn't care about TV cameras; she cares about us. Having served with Gale on the Cary Town Council and collaborated with her as a member of the NC House, I know how hard she works to make our community a better place for everyone, and I am positive she will continue to do the same as a member of the NC Senate.”

Morrisville Town Council


Satish Garimella

“Gale has been a friend and supporter of the Morrisville community dating back to her years of service as an elected leader in the Town of Cary and through her committed and compassionate service in the State House of Representatives. Gale seeks to bridge differences and tear down boundaries to effectively listen and understand the issues of our residents and businesses in our Town. Gale is a problem solver and is inclusive of all stakeholders in making a difference in our everyday lives. She values and understands the diversity and cultures of our region. She does not make idle promises or rely on fancy rhetoric - she works to make things happen. I count on Gale to care about our district and you can too. I proudly endorse Gale Adcock for State Senator.”

Wake County School Board


Chris Heagarty

“Gale Adcock is one of the most effective public servants we have in Wake County, who has proven time and time again that she can get things done! She is a strong ally for public education and I enthusiastically endorse her."

Wake County Commissioners


Sig Hutchinson

“Gale will be perfect for the NC Senate as someone who knows how to get things done!”

Morrisville Mayor Pro-tem

Liz Johnson

“I am thrilled that Gale Adcock is running for North Carolina Senate District 16 to represent the citizens of Morrisville and Western Wake County. Gale is a proven dedicated public servant who puts her constituents first. She is a thoughtful, responsive, collaborative leader. We have benefited from her service in the North Carolina House and will be fortunate to have Gale’s leadership in the Senate. I enthusiastically endorse Gale Adcock for NC Senate.”

Apex Mayor Pro-tem


“I love that Gale Adcock has municipal experience and understands how changes at the state level affect local governments. Thank you, Gale, for representing Apex well in the House! I believe you will be an amazing state senator for Apex.”

Cary Town Council Member

Ya Liu

“Gale Adcock has spent her whole career caring for and fighting for our citizens as a Nurse Practitioner, Cary Town Council member, and NC House Representative. Her tireless efforts and leadership have brought tremendous benefits to Cary, Wake County, and North Carolina. Her intelligence, grit, and grace inspire many women and girls, including me, to serve our community. I am excited about Gale Adcock's senate campaign and am very proud to have her as my NC Senator.”

Lindsay Mahaffey

Wake County School

Board Chair

“Gale Adcock will be an asset to the North Carolina Senate. Her background as a Nurse Practitioner brings a healthcare lens that is needed during this time. Gale has been a good partner to our school community seeking input on policy that would affect our district and our students. Join me in supporting Gale Adcock for the NC Senate.”

Apex Town Council Member

Terry Mahaffey

“I am thrilled to endorse Gale Adcock for Senate District 16. Gale has represented Apex for almost 8 years now in the State House. I have always found her to be accessible and effective in supporting Apex at the State level. I especially appreciate her experience as a municipal official, and I think bringing that broad perspective to the State Senate will benefit not only Apex but municipalities all across Wake County and North Carolina.”

Cary Citizen Volunteers

Brent & Laurie

“Gale Adcock is a true public servant. We’ve known Gale throughout her service on the Cary Town Council and in the NC House. She represents all of her constituents with the same energy and compassion that she shows in working with patients as a Nurse Practitioner. Gale has our full support to be our next state Senator.”

Dan & Joy Pike

Cary Citizen Volunteers

"Through our 25 years living, volunteering and being active in Cary, we have known Gale to be a woman of high integrity, dedication and passion. She did an amazing job as a District representative on the Cary Town Council and as Cary Mayor Pro-Tem. As part of her tenure in the NC House of Representatives, Gale has worked across the aisle doing what is best for her constituents and the great state of North Carolina. We are proud to call Gale our friend and will be ecstatic for her to be our NC Senator."

2017 Cary Hometown Hero

Shelia Ogle

“It is my honor and privilege to endorse Gale Adcock to represent me and our citizens in NC Senate District 16. As my friend for many years, I know her personal values as well as her long-time professional experience that qualified her for the seat in the NC House of Representatives. When she began her first term in the NC General Assembly, she established herself as an impartial representative not only for her district, but for all of Wake County and the state. Although she did not represent my district at the time, I have supported her financially and have opened my home to her campaign through the years. Now that she is a candidate for the NC Senate, I proudly support Gale Adcock for MY STATE SENATOR.”

Former Wake County


Erv Portman

"I was part of a small group that recruited Gale Adcock to enter public service in 2007. She was smart, pragmatic, and respected as a Nurse Practitioner and Chief Health Officer at SAS. We served together on the Cary Town Council and I saw firsthand how effectively she could bring thoughtful leadership to finding common ground. Since then I have watched her do the same in the state House. In a place known for division, Gale finds the way to get it done, uniting not dividing. She is a proven leader who will serve us well in the Senate."

Morrisville Town Council


Vicki Scroggins-Johnson

"Gale Adcock is a strong advocate for Morrisville and other local towns. She understands the challenges of western Wake County. She promotes positivity and collaboration. She will listen, ask the right questions, and find a way forward that aligns with the values of our community. I endorse Gale Adcock for the North Carolina Senate"

Apex Town Council Member

Cheryl Stallings

"I enthusiastically endorse Gale Adcock for the NC State Senate. She has an excellent record of service as a Nurse Practitioner and healthcare administrator, Cary Town Council member, and State House Representative. Gale knows how to get the work done. I can count on her to be a strong voice for public schools, affordable and accessible health care, and mental health care, a robust economy, and a healthy environment for the people of western Wake County and North Carolina.”

Cary Mayor


“I am so excited to support Representative Gale Adcock for the NC Senate. The entire Cary Town Council supported Gale in her first run for the NC House and we are so proud of what she has accomplished and how she has represented us. Her many years as Mayor Pro-Tem of Cary proved that she was a leader’s leader and had the knowledge and know-how to get things done. Our community has been so fortunate to have someone who understands that helping people is far more important than a political agenda. Someone who is so attuned to people’s needs that she has been the go-to person not only for our citizens, but for our town council, our town staff, and our businesses. There is no doubt in my mind that with Gale’s experience and knowledge, she will be the ideal leader to represent us in the NC Senate.”

Beth Wood

North Carolina State Auditor

"I am excited to, once again, endorse Gale Adcock to serve in the North Carolina General Assembly. I am even more excited that she has chosen to run for a seat in the NC Senate! 

As the State Auditor of North Carolina, I have had many opportunities to watch Gale in action. As a member of the House of Representatives, even as a freshman, Gale proved to be an effective legislator getting bipartisan bills that would serve all North Carolinians. Gale's effectiveness as a legislator has been a direct result of her ability to work with both parties.

Additionally, through her work on legislative committees, I have witnessed Gale holding state agencies accountable for how they spend taxpayer dollars. 

Gale's common sense, pragmatic approach while working across party lines to serve the citizens of North Carolina will be a huge addition to the North Carolina Senate. 

I am proud to endorse Gale Adcock, candidate for the North Carolina Senate."

Cary Town Council Member

Ed Yerha

"It's said that elected leaders should be honest, compassionate, intelligent, trustworthy, fair, a consensus builder, well-prepared, etc, etc, other words, Just Be Like Gale!  She is a perfect fit for the N.C. Senate!"

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