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Why I Choose to Serve

Running for reelection in 2016; looking back to 2014  


North Carolina has grown and prospered since I moved here in 1976. Our once strong manufacturing environment has by necessity been transformed with an emphasis on finance, technological innovation and scientific discovery. Over many years state leaders had made intentional investments in people, infrastructure and places: public education; roads, bridges and ports; successful public-private partnerships like the Research Triangle Park.

Between 2011 and 2014 I witnessed many deliberate legislative actions that set North Carolina on a regressive path. I was not willing to stand by and watch a legacy of progress, forged through decades of hard work and financial investment, continue to be threatened by political partisanship and short-sighted legislative policies. I ran in 2014 to bring a reasoned, thoughtful, nonpartisan, and common sense approach to the challenges facing our state’s future.

As a nurse and a health care administrator I found it unbelievable that the 2013 legislature decided to send our federal tax dollars to states like Ohio and Florida to expand their Medicaid programs while rejecting this insurance coverage for almost 500,000 of our own citizens. This choice was not only detrimental for access to health care, but also a dangerously short-sighted economic choice for our state’s hospitals. Without access to primary care that Medicaid insurance provides, the uninsured turn to hospital emergency rooms for care. Overburdened hospitals are struggling AND have no choice but to write off this uncompensated care. This means costs shifted to those of us with insurance and greater financial instability for hospitals of every size, especially small hospitals in small communities. Our hospitals need dependable revenue streams to stay open—not just as providers of health care but also as employment centers and economic engines in our communities. Stubborn ideological positions should play no role in important policy decisions like Medicaid expansion. 

As a member of the Cary Town Council from 2007-2014, I know that postponing (yet again) implementation of the Jordan Lake rules in favor of untested and unproven Solar Bee technology   jeopardizes Western Wake residents’ drinking water. I believe that clean water and clean air aren’t simply ‘nice to have’. They are essential to good health and to the quality of life we expect and deserve.  

As a parent of two sons, I believe in the promise of North Carolina. That’s why my husband and I have raised our family here. I believe that every child should have the opportunity to attend successful public schools, outstanding community colleges and a world-class public university system. I believe that we should build upon our legacy of educational progress and prepare our citizens for the economy of tomorrow. 

I believe in the greatness, resourcefulness and resiliency of this state and its people. I ran in 2014 pledging to spurn partisanship and put my energies into fighting the right battles: for vibrant public schools, a healthy environment and a robust economy. In my first term I have been an effective legislator who has lived up to this ideal. I want to continue to represent District 41 and carry on a legacy of strong leaders who make today’s decisions with an eye toward tomorrow. I appreciate your support and I look forward to the privilege of continuing to represent you.