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Rep. Adcock Receives Teachers' Endorsement

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) has given its support to Representative Gale Adcock (D-41) as she seeks re-election to office on November 8.


NCAE “supports candidates who can help fully restore education funding to North Carolina’s public schools to move the state forward,” said a NCAE spokesperson. “Representative Adcock [has been] an advocate of public education and has demonstrated a positive track record for making sure resources are provided to keep our schools great.”


During her first term, Rep. Adcock worked across the aisle to give North Carolina teachers a small pay raise and fully supports raising teacher pay to at least the national average. Adcock also recently completed a tour of all of the public schools in her district, speaking with teachers, administrators, and students about how best to work to improve our school system.


“I am so honored to once again receive NCAE’s endorsement,” said Adcock. “Their support for both of my house races has been humbling and I look forward to continuing to work with them to preserve our public education system.”


For more information on Rep. Adcock’s stance on education, please visit .



Rep. Gale Adcock is running for re-election in the November 8 general election to continue to represent District 41 in the North Carolina State House. To learn more, please visit