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Gale Adcock, 62, is the Democratic incumbent in this Cary/western Wake district, and she is absolutely outstanding in constituent service, energy, thorough preparation on issues, and in somehow managing to work with Republicans in the majority. She has The News & Observer endorsement without hesitation.

Raleigh, N.C. — Advocates for people with aphasia came to the legislature Wednesday to raise awareness of the disorder, as Gov. Pat McCrory proclaimed June Aphasia Awareness Month.

Aphasia is a disorder that affects people’s ability to speak, hear, read, write or some combination of those. It’s most often caused by stroke, brain injury or tumors, although some cases are an early stage of a progressive disease, like that announced last week by longtime University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sportcaster Woody Durham.

The March 11 Point of View “One answer to doctor shortage” by Debbie Varnum was on target and timely.

Many North Carolinians, even those with insurance, can’t get preventive health care or early management of chronic illnesses because they live in a health care provider shortage area. Why should geography limit health care options?