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As a Nurse Practitioner I understand that every citizen deserves access to quality health care. I will work to expand insurance coverage and make sure that every citizen has access to the health care providers that they need.

Public education is the primary engine of economic growth in North Carolina. To ensure innovation and opportunity tomorrow, we must invest in K-12 classrooms, colleges, and universities today. That means recruiting and retaining the best teachers possible, providing new buildings and technology on our university and community college campuses, and making higher education as affordable as possible.

Every citizen deserves access to clean air, clean water, and open spaces. It is the duty of the legislature to be good stewards of these resources and to ensure that they are protected and available for generations to come.

Growing our economy requires investing in our current and future workforce, supporting small businesses, and recruiting new companies. When it comes to innovation and research, North Carolina is a leader in the South. We need to build on this rich history by preparing our citizens for good paying, highly-skilled jobs of the future.